Comfort and Hope

“We are relational beings.  When someone we love dies, our hearts crack.
Separation from those we love is excruciatingly hard.  We need comfort and hope.” Gary Roe

This is a once-a-month gathering for parents.

This is a casual group setting focused around a meal.

Planning a meal, grocery shopping and cooking can be debilitating acts after the death of a child.   Eating dinner at a table and having conversation with other adults can be equally as challenging.  Comfort and Hope provides parents an opportunity to enjoy a nourishing home-cooked meal for the physical body; as well as fellowship and hope for the emotional and spiritual body.  Parents are free to talk openly about their lives, from jobs to challenges that they faced in the previous month and challenges they are facing in the coming month (i.e. anniversaries of their child’s death or birthdays, etc.). The evening starts and ends with a prayer. Both men and women are together throughout the meal.  However, during the dessert – the men and women are separated to allow for a time of sharing specific needs.  In a time of isolation, parents find a safe place to belong and heal.

Everyone is asked to bring a dish.

At this time we are not able to provide childcare.

This event is for parents (and grandparents) only.

Our next gathering is Saturday, February 26th at 5:00pm
For meeting location please contact:

“One minute we’re laughing, the next minute we’re crying and it’s ok.
Tim and I are so thankful and blessed to be a part of this group!!!”

 Crystal – bereaved parent