Our Mission

Ephraim Ministries is focused on providing a safe place of support and guidance for families who are dealing with the death of a child. Our desire is to come alongside grieving families and offer encouragement, comfort and hope.  To help strengthen them by offering opportunities of education to enable growth and healthy grieving.

“Grief over the loss of a child is disabling. 

It will be more intense and last longer than grief over the loss of anyone else. 

The death of a child has been called the ultimate bereavement.”

 Dr. H. Norman Wright

View the recent story by WDBJ channel 7 news in Lynchburg:

Lynchburg couple launches ministry to assist grieving parents

Lynchburg couple launches ministry to assist grieving parents

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) There’s usually one at every high school: the kid who seems to befriend everyone he meets.

At Liberty Christian Academy in 2008, that student was Jamie Holmes.

“Jamie fit in everywhere he went,” said Jamie’s mother, Laura Holmes. “He just had confidence that he exuded.”

Whether he was playing drums in the marching band or tearing up the dance floor, Holmes’ parents say their son had a natural way of connecting with his peers.

“He loved everybody,” recalled Jamie’s father, Chuck Holmes.

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